Meet Stanley

Entrepreneur, IT/Telecoms expert/Business strategist

Stanley Okoro is a highly skilled professional with diverse experience in IT/telecom operations and management, AI Engineering, and Data analytics. He has extensive experience in roles such as Radio and Cloud Solution Subject Matter Expert, Technical Sales, Business Analyst, Financial and Risk Analyst, Product Manager, and Project Manager. He excels in developing solutions suited to customer needs and bridging the gap between technical and business stakeholders.

Unlocking Innovative Solutions at the Intersection of Technology and Business

Professional Expertise

Stanley is a seasoned expert who excels in merging the worlds of technology and business. His diverse skill set encompasses proficiency in cloud solutions such as DevOps and mastery of data analytics tools, including Python, R, Excel, Power BI, SQL, AI, and Machine Learning. With a keen focus on communication, leadership, and analytical prowess, Stanley possesses the unique ability to translate technical complexities into meaningful business strategies, fostering an environment of innovation and success.

Pioneering Innovations

Stanley’s reputation as a technology and innovation advocate is well-founded, with a proven track record of leading groundbreaking projects in the telecommunications sector. He has consistently demonstrated exceptional expertise in implementing cutting-edge solutions, particularly in the deployment of 4G/5G technology in multiple countries across the Middle East and Africa. His contributions have played a pivotal role in advancing connectivity and reshaping the digital landscape.

Educational Background

Stanley’s educational journey is a testament to his commitment to excellence. He holds degrees from prestigious institutions, including:

Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, Tennessee
  • Master of Science in Computer Science and Quantitative Methods.
Solbridge International School of Business.
  • Global Master of Business Administration Executive Training & Tour
United States International University – Africa, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Master of Business Administration in Global Business Management.
Federal University Of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
Professional Journey

Collaborating with Renowned Organizations

Stanley is a highly skilled IT and Telecommunications expert with extensive experience in leading intricate projects, driving transformative initiatives, and achieving exceptional results in complex, dynamic environments. Some of his notable achievements are


Leadership of Nokia’s Technical Solution Team

Stanley led Nokia’s Technical Solution team, overseeing the entire network portfolio, from Radio Access Network to security and Network Management.


LTE AND 5G Network Expertise

He spearheaded multiple solution initiatives, successfully deploying 4G/5G networks and comprehensive cloud transformation strategies for major Telco providers in the Middle East and Africa. His innovative concepts for 5G network design and deployment have ensured high-performance networks.


Innovative Adoption of Machine Learning (ML)/Artificial Intelligence (AI) Techniques

Stanley pioneered the integration of ML and AI techniques to drive innovative solutions in the IT and telecoms domain, leveraging his proficiency in Python, R, Excel, Power BI, and SQL for data analysis.


Collaborative Sales Enablement

He collaborated closely with Commercial Account Managers to transform sales prospects into successful deals, utilizing in-depth knowledge of customer needs and Nokia’s E2E solution portfolio.

  • Telecoms Expertise: In-depth knowledge of 2G/3G/4G/5G technologies, protocols, and network architecture, with proficiency in solution deployment, optimization, and management.
  • Data Science: Skill in data analysis, interpretation, and visualization, with expertise in Python, R, and SQL for statistical analysis and database management.
  • ML and AI: Extensive knowledge of ML algorithms and AI techniques, with a track record of developing and implementing ML models for solving complex business problems.
  • Business Intelligence: Proficiency in using Power BI and Excel to create insightful dashboards and reports, enabling data-driven decision-making processes.
  • Software Engineering: Basic knowledge of software development principles, including designing, coding, testing, and debugging applications, coupled with proficiency in multiple programming languages and frameworks.
  • DevOps: Hands-on experience in DevOps practices and tools for integration and deployment pipelines in IT projects.